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From our family to yours



Andrew James, Audiologist &

Hearing Specialist

Having started his career over 30 years ago, Andrew has developed a very dependable reputation within the private sector and NHS. His philosophy has always been focused on offering a friendly and top class service at an affordable price. 

His commitment to both the hearing industry and our customers themselves is often reflected in the frequent recommendations James & Son Hearing receives from our existing customers to their friends and family.

Benn James, Audiologist &

Hearing Specialist

Graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and now an experienced consultant audiologist with nearly a decade experience within the NHS. 

Benn's inherited passion for audiology has led him to develop a private service proposition with an easy to understand hearing aid pricing structure and focus on great service for maximum convenience for customers.


Pricing & Transparency

James & Son Hearing is an independent hearing aid provider.

The highlight of our work in the NHS has been to have the ability to make an impact on the excellent audiology service NHS offers it's patients who suffer from hearing loss. And we are both very proud to have maintained a 95% patient satisfaction scores for several years now. 

Our goal now is to replicate this service on a larger scale to help you navigate the private hearing aid market. Transparency is key for us and we think that's something the current private sector currently lacks.


We understand how confusing and costly hearing aids can be and we want to make sure you have help from the very first step to make the right choice for you. We make sure you understand exactly what it is you need and what you are paying for and make sure you don't pay more than you need to. That's a promise from our family to yours. 

Read more about what to expect from your appointment.

Comforting Hands
Hearing Aid


From an independent hearing aid provider

Something you may not be aware of is that the majority of high street hearing aid specialists offer one specific brand of hearing aids or work with a limited range of hearing aid manufacturers. 

The difference between them and an independent hearing aid supplier is that we are able to offer more options from various hearing aid brands to our customers.

Think for a minute about booking a holiday abroad. If you choose to book through a high street chain then you are limited to a selection of packages, depending on who that particular travel agent works with. 

Simply put, it's the same when purchasing hearing aids from an independent supplier. We provide devices from various manufacturers and this means that if you have purchased and struggled with one device or brand (e.g. sound quality is not as natural as you may have liked it to be) we are able to find another device or another brand which may suit your personal preferences better at no extra cost. This is why we offer 30 day free trial on our products, to make sure you get the precise hearing aid device you need and are fully satisfied with. 

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