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Hearing Aids just got a lot more convenient 

FROM £350

Try for 30 days*

The Silk Digital Hearing Aid



At James & Son Hearing we're passionate about offering the best options for our customers. This is why, thanks to advancements in technology, we are now able to offer fully Digital Hearing Aids, programmed to your specific hearing needs sent to your door without you ever needing to leave your home. 


How does this work?

The majority of hearing aids you may have seen online before are actually 'amplifiers'. This is basically a very old technological approach and with that you get the stereotypical 'hearing aid' issues such as 'whistling' and background sounds being far too loud. At James & Son Hearing we feel that this is not a fair solution - our solution is medically proven to have much greater success than any other 'amplifier hearing aid'.

A digital hearing aid that you can purchase privately are generally regarded as expensive, this is part due the ability for an audiologist to programmed a chosen aid to your hearing specifically requirements - well, our online hearing aids work in the same way. This solution is not to replace your local audiologist solutions, but is a great solution for people who are thinking about starting their journey to better hearing at the fraction of the cost or wanting a discreet spare set.

All we need from you is your hearing test results and we programme these hearing aids to your specific requirements. You are then able to adjust the hearing aid yourself with the free smartphone app. or remote control (additional cost).

Hearing Tests
Hearing Test

Take our FREE Online Hearing Test

This well tell you whether or not you require a hearing aid.


Or click here to upload your audiogram (hearing test). This can be conducted for free from any audiologist 

Sound Mixer
Hearing Aid Programmed

Let's get it just right for you

Our team tune the hearing aids in to match your results - just like we would if you saw us or any audiologist in store

Delievered to you

Delievery withing 3-5 working days

Your hearing aid is ready out of the box

Deliver costs £4.99


  • Precise instant-fit

The Silk fits 85% of ear shapes but don't worry if you

struggle with it as every hearing aid has a 30 day return full 

refund policy. Each aid includes a selection of dome sizes

click here to see how to change 

  • Nearly invisible in the ear

The Silk is designed with comfort and discreetness in mind.

It is simple and easy to insert and is also easy to remove.

Click here for videos on how to insert, remove and clean.

A behind the ear device is also available if dexterity is a


  • Binaural OneMic Directionality 2.0

Having one of these devices for each ear will enable you to fully benefit from this technology - this

technology helps define direction of sound and can improve sound in crowded places and help

create a more natural sound

  • Fully programable with Bluetooth connectivity 

This hearing aid is fully digital - this enables you to adjust the hearing aid to your liking. The audiologists

at James & Son Hearing will programme the hearing aid(s) from you hearing results and you can then

take it from there 

  • Background noise suppression technology thanks to the powerful G6 chip

This technology is essential if you were to use a hearing aid for everyday listening and the

G6 chip enables the hearing aid to recognise unwanted background noise and begins to

supress it - while the background noise is being supressed, the hearing aid will then focus on

sound in front of you. This will make things clearer and better understand the conversation with

the person in front of you. 


The processor is the brain power of any hearing aid and the powerful G6 chip allows​ the

hearing aid to make immediate decisions on the optimum listening 

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  • 1x Silk Hearing Aid (unless you have opted for the pair)​

  • User Manual with instructions about the Signia

  • Set of Batteries

  • Box for the hearing aid

  • Selection of domes to find the right one for you

  • Cleaning kit

*Money will be refunded after return and as long as it has been retuned within 30 days and as long there is no damage to the device - see our terms and conditions 

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